Utah’s iconic Salt Flats offers an otherworldly location for couples dreaming of couples Session, an intimate wedding or elopement. 

Looking for a very experienced
Salt Flats photographer (7 years) for your Salt Flats Couples Session, Elopement or Wedding?

Let the Salt Flats be the backdrop to your love story. With my Mavic Cine 3 drone and years of photography expertise, I’m excited to help you create an unforgettable Salt Flats day.
As someone who deeply appreciates the vast beauty of the Salt Flats and the unique stories each couple shares, I’m all about capturing your day in a way that feels true to you. If my approach resonates with you, let’s connect. I can’t wait to hear from you and start this incredible journey together!

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With SEVEN years of photographing Salt Flats weddings, elopements, and couple sessions, I’m deeply familiar with this unique landscape. Visiting several times a month has made me one of the top Salt Flats photographers you can trust for capturing your special moments.

Ready to make your Salt Flats adventure a day to remember? I’m here to guide you through every step and snap those perfect shots that reflect your experience. Reach out, and let’s start planning!

Looking for a experienced Salt Flats photographer for your Salt Flats Couples Session, Elopement or Wedding?

With SEVEN years of photographing Salt Flats weddings, elopements, and couple sessions, I’m deeply familiar with this unique landscape. Visiting several times a month has made me one of the top Salt Flats photographers you can trust for capturing your special moments.

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The Salt Flats have two main areas for elopements: the rest stop side and the speedway side. The rest stop side is easily accessible right off of I-80, but it can get busy, particularly on summer weekends. It has a bit more texture on the ground, which can add an interesting element to your photos.

The speedway side is about 15 minutes further, take the Exit & pass the Sinclair gas station, and is usually much quieter. If it’s not flooded, you can drive right onto the flats to find your own private spot, which tends to have less texture but offers more privacy for your ceremony.

Both locations at the Salt Flats offer their own unique beauty and can be the perfect backdrop for your special day.

Info about the Salt Flats

Summer at the Salt Flats offers clear skies and beautiful, textured white salts, making for a breathtaking setting for your elopement. The days are desert warm (usually in the 90-100 degrees. Sunset the tempt drops in the 80's and there is a usually some wind that wicks off your sweat) - usually no humidity, but bring water.

Early fall is another great time, with its warm days, cool evenings, and diminishing crowds. Spring is typically mild, though be aware it can be wet with the possibility of the flats being covered in water. Late fall, while picturesque, can also be wet and may see the first snowstorms, so flexible planning is key.

For the best experience, consider timing your ceremony with the sunset, particularly in summer, to enjoy cooler temperatures and the most beautiful light. Weekday elopements are highly recommended since warm months are busy on the weekends.

The Flooded Salt Flats are usually in Mid to Late Winter (November - February) Depending on Utahs Winter and sometime the water can be over one foot deep. To have this slightly flooded look is usually a rare look. One day later or a couple days later this amount of water usually absorbs into the salt.
These photos were taking in March and it was a stormy afternoon with all those beautiful storm clouds in the background.

Best Times to Visit the Salt Flats:

Choosing Your Salt Flats Spot:

Embrace the Beauty of the salt flats with our drone photography & video clips packages.

Envision yourself surrounded by the stunning textures of the earth and the expansive blue sky, as our drone captures every breathtaking detail.

It’s not just a photo session - it’s an adventure of a lifetime, with you at the heart of it all. The mountains and the endless salt beneath you create a scene so spectacular, it’s like stepping into an epic storybook.

Our drone photos bring out the joy and vastness of your experience in vibrant detail. For those journeying from out of state, this is your chance to capture the wonder of your visit in a way that’s simply unforgettable.

Let’s photograph your love story with the beauty of the Flats and the intimate moments that you’ll want to relive again and again.




Salt flats Drone video Clips (Click here)

1-3 dresses are included in the packages

These gowns are made to make that WOW factor against the salt flats ethereal backdrop, adding an element of timeless beauty to your session.

Becca's Client closet with Salt Gowns has 100's of beautiful dresses.

With options included in our most popular packages, each dress high quality and help make you feel absolutely stunning. Capture ever more epic photos with a salt gown that makes your photos and memories even better.

One of the most important parts is what you are wearing!


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Watch the behind the scenes of a breathtaking elopement at the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats.
From the early moments of getting ready casino room to the vows exchanged under the expansive sky and on the white textured salt, this video captures it all. The couple’s day unfold with family photos, a fun champagne pop, and sweet slices of cake. To the dreamy photoshoot during the Golden hour and Cotton Candy sky during Blue hour, this elopement is nothing short of magical.

 Whether you’re planning your own elopement or just love a good love story, come along and experience the beauty of this special day through our lens.

Capture the moment between two worlds.

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Elopement BTS Video

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Experience the joy of instant memories with our Bonus Phone BTS feature. In the age of social media, where sharing is part of the excitement, we offer you a sneak peek into the magic of your shoot before you even leave the salt flats. As we capture your special moments, we’ll also be creating lively behind-the-scenes videos with our phones.

These candid clips are yours to relish, offering a glimpse of your experience through a different lens. We’ll airdrop them to you right away, so by the time you’re heading home, you can revisit the epic salt flats moments, the fun, and the raw beauty of your day. Share them with friends, post them on your feed, or keep them just for you—these are your moments, captured as they unfold, for instant reminiscing and forever enjoyment.

Capture the moment between two worlds.






Salt Flats Elopements STARTING $3400

Salt flats weddings STARTING $3400

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Sometimes you get that rare salt flats look

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Hello, I’m Becca—your storyteller, your confidante, and your photographer. In this world of fleeting moments, my lens focuses on all the emotion, the stories etched in expressions, and the silent language of love shared in a glance.

Photography for me is more than a profession - it’s a journey into the soul of the world, capturing the essence of who you are, the laughter that escapes unexpectedly, and the spontaneous joys that life brings. I aim to create more than just images. I strive to craft memories that echo with the vibrancy of life itself.

Each photo session with me is a step into a narrative crafted with intention and heart. I believe every picture holds a story—your story, woven through the raw, authentic emotions.  Let’s embark on this creative journey together, where every snapshot becomes a page in the album of your life’s most cherished stories.