One of the most majestic parts of the Salt Flats is its ability to not only blend in, but stand out all at the same time. Whether you’re planning an elopement and choose minimal decor to let the flats shine, or want the two of you to be the center of it all during engagements. Throughout your planning, consider the Salt Flats for your engagements. Between the powerful blue hue, and the ability to almost see the curvature of the earth, Salt Flats engagements are pure magic. Now that I’ve convinced you to choose the Salt Flats, let’s get to planning.

Choose the Time of Year + Book Your Utah Photographer

When planning your engagement session, it’s super important to set a date. Oftentimes I tell my couples to plan 3-9 months out so we’re able to get the details together. Not only does this give you time to talk to me about specifics, it gives you time to rent any dresses for the photos or even just get outfits together!

Plan Your Outfits

Next, you’ll want to start planning your outfits! Oftentimes I suggest couples wear earth tones and neutrals. It allows the Salt Flats to really stand out, and during blue hour – shine! Another timeless color combination is black and white. It’s simple yet classic. If you’re considering renting a dress, I suggest booking your dress anywhere from 6-20 weeks out.

In my experience, the more popular dresses will book quickly! Consider bringing a casual outfit to change into. It will give you more options later. My favorite tip, save your favorite outfit for last. We’ll plan the session to end around golden hour and blue hour. This is when we get the most dreamy moments captured. Time is of the essence here because blue hour can last anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes!

Embrace the Adventure of Your Salt Flats Engagements

The Salt Flats are one of my favorite spots, sometimes we get out there and we get surprised! Very rarely, but sometimes, we arrive and the Flats are flooded. It honestly just makes it so much more rad and so romantic. These adventurous moments always turn out to be the most creative, unique and so memorable. I can’t recommend it enough!

These moments are once in a lifetime, and deserve to be remembered forever. Looking for more guidance to plan your Salt Flats engagements? Check out my guide, here!

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Utah elopement photographer captures couple laying on Salt Flats during engagements
Utah elopement photographer captures couple forehead to forehead during salt flats engagements
Utah elopement photographer captures couple dip kiss during salt flats engagements

Planning Your Salt Flats Engagements